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XMugen! if you don't know what it is look you wont be disapointed!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by Marz13, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Marz13

    Marz13 Guest

    well for those of you who don't know.Mugen is a game engine originaly for PC.it has been modified to work on xbox hence the changing of the name to XMugen...in this engine you can add/create your own characters...there are tons of characters from various games and company's like capcom,snk,simpsons,dragonball z,familyguy,inuyasha,naruto,king of fighters.and tons and tons more some even realy funny ones...lol..oh yeah and mortal kombat can't leave them out...but yeah the pack have has a lil over 400 characters..and i wanted to share this with the community!if anyone is interested please don't be afraid to ask...howeever it is realy dificult to get to work...i actualy am still working on it...i have been up like a day and a half straight working on it...this is my break...lol...im close though i can feel it..if anyone knows how to install it the correct way or has a good method please get back to me right away!!! and if i get everything working right i want to make a tutorial when i have things down...i will add pictures and links if possible..or maybe even just do a video tutorial....if you would like to see what mugen is like,then just search "mugen" on youtube...a bunch of video's will come up...well im tired and i feel like i wrote a novel....later guys

    JOHNSTARR Regular member

    Oct 30, 2005
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    Maybe one of these days someone will release xmugen with all characters that will work from disc or Hd without a setup.

    I do have it working on my xbox with most characters btw and it is great even with the glitches :)
  3. Marz13

    Marz13 Guest

    kool!how did you get it to work???i am going nuts here i just tried this one thing and now i gotta start over...lol..if you could help me out i would realy appreciate that!!!also is there any recomendations on what screenpacks and set up i should use???by the way this might help i keep getting a
    /static/ash: can't access tty: job control turned off
    joy2key1-joystick one to keys
    Using perameters.
    joy2key2- joystick two to keys.
    Using perameters.
    joystick2 to keys joystick/dev/input/.js1 non present.
    thats the error message when linux loads up....and to reply to what you said i have heard a rumor about a mugen running live from a cd but never seen it...and i know this one website where ppl trade levels and characters supposedly this one dude has most of them and he is willing to trade or something...but yeah im realy edgy i wanna get this bad boy up and running...lol

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