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€1,000 to spend on a HTPC - what would you do?

Discussion in 'Home Theater PC' started by BenEadir, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. BenEadir

    BenEadir Member

    Apr 4, 2008
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    Hi all,

    I have a decent full HD plasma (Panasonic Vierra), a great Jamo surround sound system (My opinion anyway) and an Onkyo 805 AV Receiver (which I'm sure I'm not making the most of).

    I'm based in Dublin, am sick of NTL and don't want to get into paying SKY over €100 a month for movies, sport, HD, multi room etc etc

    I have 3 TV's downstairs and one upstairs plus installed cabling for two more in two other bedrooms upstairs.

    Ideally I'd like all TV's to be able to play on demand movies (including HD movies) and other content from a central library of downloaded of recorded movies, documentaries, drama's, music etc and for them all to be able to fed by some sort of Freesat (or is it Freeview/SKY Freesat/FTA?) service which either doesn't have a monthly fee or has a very low montly fee e.g. €20 a month and will support HD channels as they become more common.

    On top of that I'd like the main TV downstairs (via the PC hosting the central content library or a seperate Nettop (like the Acer Revo R3600?) to be able to play streamed online content from live sports being (legally) broadcast online to services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, RTE Player etc.

    Have I missed anything? Am I mad? Is this possible? Is it possible for €1,000 especially as I'm a total DIY & IT numbskull?

    What would you do if you had my existing setup, wanted to get away from paying NTL/Sky monthly fee's and had €1,000 to spend to give you the best multi room content system possible?

    Can't wait for the replies to this!! Please don't get too abusive if I'm on a wild goose chase here.

  2. scum101

    scum101 Guest

    buy a gun and spend your money on crack.. then go up town and play gta4 for real.. way more fun.

    freesat/freeview.. dunno what is broadcast there.. look in the tv guide and see what there is... boxes for that don't cost much at all.

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