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10 questions regarding consoles

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by jp_rykov, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. jp_rykov

    jp_rykov Guest

    1) (PS2 and XBOX) do we have any sites that provide updating your modchips version or you have to buy a new modchip for that so that it would be updated?

    2) what is the best dvd writer software to write down PS2, XBOX AND GAMECUBE(if any) games?

    3) what is the best dvd rom on the market today that would make EXCELLENT copies of PS2, XBOX AND GAMECUBE games?

    4) what are the recommended sites to download software updates? (e.g. EvoX, HDD loader... etc..etc)

    5) if you want to put back the original interface of your PS2, XBOX AND GAMECUBE (xbox- with the green x on it with green features, ps2 with the circles and gamecube with the box... get the picture?) or if youre going to upgrade a newer hard drive for that (20 -> 120 or higher) and still want the original interface for that, can you download that from a site or if you have any suggested site to download it from... where?

    6) where can you get additional and unique patches for different interfaces on your PS2, XBOX AND GAMECUBE?

    7) what is the best modchip for you that doesnt cause you any problems and still loyal to that brand of chip?

    8) can you save the copied games through your PC and then transfer it to PS2, XBOX and GAMECUBE? what cables do you have to use? what software?

    9) what kind of softwares can you possible do to maximize the use of your GBA (e.g. book reader... etc...etc)?

    10) in regards to wireless gaming controllers... GAMECUBE has wavebird... when will PS2 AND XBOX have theirs that came from the manufacturer originally?
  2. ev1l

    ev1l Guest

    no point on gettin a dvd writter i can get games for a very cheap price at 3.00 per a dvd r dise. since i do not have a dvd r writter. i let other companys burn the games for a back ups and they think i own the copied of the game and i do not for 100.00 dollers i can get 40 roms with free shipping and the game is brand new like a original one. a burner will take to long to burn all those games in a week maybe mouths

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