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1GB mp4 too large to play?

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by uluulu, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. uluulu

    uluulu Member

    Nov 27, 2007
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    I just paid to have a 5 minute demo edited, with the intent to post it on the web. The guy did it as an mp4 and it looked great on his computer. When I tried it on my computers, however, it wouldn't play. First frame comes up, then the audio keeps going but the video doesn't move, or moves way too slowly.

    Is 1GB not extremely large for a 5 minute video to be posted on the web? I converted it to a .mov file and avi file, each around 50 mB. They play, but the picture is small with a large black frame around it. The original has a normal large pic, no frame around it. I tried playing it on 2 netbooks with windows7 and xp, and a desktop with xp. None could play the original using vlc player.(or any other player)
    Any ideas as to why when converted the pic would be reduced in size, and also what size (mB) would be normal for a web video 5 minutes long? Thank you.
  2. xboxdvl2

    xboxdvl2 Regular member

    Dec 21, 2005
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    ive just checked with some music videos ive got high definition videos for 4mins are between 100-200mbs, sd videos at 4mins are 50-100mbs.
    1gb is huge for a 5minute file,in saying that i have some that are uncompressed hd recordings from gamplay that are around that size before being compressed.

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