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2 mono amp modules

Discussion in 'Audio' started by rtrg, Aug 4, 2019.

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  1. rtrg

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    Oct 29, 2007
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    another odd question. it seems i am always running into odd issues. I am creating amplified speakers by attaching a mono amp board to each. the stereo signal will then be split between the two amps. simple? not quite! the issue is that like a stereo board, the module uses BOTH a 5 pin, stereo, 1/8 jack AND a 2 channel, ganged, pot at the input side. Both the pot and jack pins are SEPERATE on the board, no common connections. yet there is only one output as designed and what i want. the next question is which or both input contacts are used at the jack? tip, ring, or both? I made a splitter cable consisting of a stereo plug to 2 stereo plugs wired as tip to tip and ring to tip, presuming that only the tip at the jack carries the signal while the ring and one side of pot is ignored. Or is the tip and ring at the jack combined in which case I would probably need a stereo to stereo to stereo splitter cable. One signal would be tip the other ring from the source split between the 2 modules. Got all that or are you as confused as I am? Please tell me which cable/stock splitter I need or if I need to make something unique. When the amps are here I will simply "buzz" the input on the board and that will tell me which pin(s) carry the signal. Then I will know what cable I need.

    As an aside I know that a "side" amped speaker set contains a 2 channel amp in one speaker and a non amped speaker. One channel is sent to the non amped speaker. A ganged pot on the board. In the past I used 2 of the amped speakers using the above "special" Y. Again tip to tip, ring to tip. as the amped speaker uses the tip for both. The ring connection for the second input for each amp was simply ignored. This is exactly what I am trying to reproduce here. If I am successful I will amp those speakers as well. Advice please.
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