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2 NIC cards 1 lost connection

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by Desooper, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Desooper

    Desooper Member

    Feb 8, 2005
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    I have 2 nic cards, I have one hooked up to my computer by way of router, it works fine, I have second hooked from my computer straight to my xbox, I configured it with a specific address for the xbox and when I do it changes my setting in my card I use for the internet, so before I can log onto the net again I have to disable the one hooked to my xbox, is this correct or something wrong, please help and thank you very much.
  2. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    as you have a router have both the computer & xbox hooked to it instead of thru computer as that is what a hub/router is for
  3. kage616

    kage616 Member

    Mar 7, 2005
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    Desooper, here is what you need.

    1st NIC attached to the net anyway you see fit. since its through a router i assume its on the 192.168.1.XXX Scheme

    2nd NIC set the
    IP to
    subnet default
    NO Gateway because as we know a gateway is to somthig IE the internet if this is filled in it will look for the net in your XBOX and that will make NIC 1 not function. And the 10.2.1.XXX scheme just to keep it off your Internet Sceme, and make it clearer.

    XBOX inside the XBOX the settings should be
    IP 10.2.1.XXX Anything you like on the 10.2
    and the Gateway here will be the 2nd NICs IP that the XBOX is connected to. which will be the

    this will be much faster than access through the router, and if your setup is like mine the router is far away but the xboux is close to your comp...
    Enjoy i hope this answered your question and how it all works. Use FXP and disable passive mode.

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