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Discussion in 'DVDR' started by mkraft, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. mkraft

    mkraft Guest

    I am looking for help in regards to the TV series 24. I have tried burning the second and third seasons with little success. The odd part is that on both seasons the first two discs of the six total burned to perfection, however discs 3-6 on both seasons fail over and over. Now, recently as I was trying to burn some other movies those failed as well, so I went to www.dvd43.com and downloaded the new updates. This solved my problems for sideways and closer, however my dilema with 24 and the most important of them all, is still at hand. I started burning dvd's with dvd43 and 1 click copy and have never had any problems. Now 24 and a couple other new movies are bringing me problems. I am curious as to all these other softwares and how to burn TV seasons. I have read something about making it 2 episodes per disc and 12 discs total? I have also received an error message when trying to start the copy on dvd43 which states, "unable to open the movie file VIDEO_TS.IFO, this file is damaged or missing."

    All in all, I am very confused, I can see this is a problem for many and have read a couple comments on 24 specificly, but am unsure which road of recommendation to take, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. m@
  2. bbmayo

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    Oct 31, 2004
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    The best bet and surest way to do 24 is to rip the whole DVD to your hard drive first with DVD Decrypter in file mode. Then you can run it through what ever program you like.

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