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2DS: A Honest review!!!

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by megadunderhead, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    So is the 2DS just for kids???

    2DS Review: By Megadunderhead

    So i decided i really wanted a new DS so i went to best buy and purchased a new 2DS. I currently have in my collection anyways a 3DS limited edition zelda And a 3DS Xl as well so i decided it was time to do a Review of a new one.

    Construction: Honestly!!! A little cheap in my case. I had a issue due to the cheapness of the device that i will explain here. Not bad though it actually could have been worse.

    Battery life: WOW!!! A amazing improvement i am currently getting 5 hours on mario kart 7 without it eating battery life.

    System transfer: A little problem!!! See if you are thinking of transferring multiple items like in my case you are going to have issues.

    Let me explain:

    In my case i wanted to actually retire my 3DS Zelda edition. Not get rid of it of course but no longer have my two primary accounts on the 3DS platform. One account will be transferred from my 3DS XL to My 2DS. Then i wanted to transfer the 3DS account from the zelda machine to the 3DS Xl. But!!! Nintendo stopped that..

    See it would seem with the latest system update you are allowed 5 system transfers. I have only used 1 on each 3DS. No more!!!
    No less!!! Well to boost the security of the console Nintendo thought it Important to block system transfers for 7 day's. Before you can perform another system transfer so i have to wait 7 days now thanks to nintendo. BOOOO It's my console i should be able to transfer no matter what...

    So i currently cannot transfer from my 3DS zelda to my 3DS Xl. Lame!!!

    Screen: Lovely screen. Nice clear screen on games like mario kart and even on liberation maiden the graphics are clear and crisp.
    Also i am happy to report no sun glare as well.

    Downsides to this device:

    Honestly there are several downsides to this device.

    1. The attachable second analog stick is needing a upgrade to support the 2DS or your not playing the games that support it. So false advertising aside this is going to need to be fix.

    2. The box does false advertise it says it plays all 3DS Games when in fact if you have a game that again requires the second analog stick. you are only getting 97% of the games that play not the full 100% as advertised.

    3. The clicky power supply plug: Weird power plug it clicks once you plug it in all the way. At first i though oh #$%^!!!. I just messed up a 129.00 2DS but it seems common with this device and this was the issue i had with construction i was mentioning.

    4. No 3D But honestly you won't miss it!!!

    So My final Assessment:

    Out of 10 Stars : I give it a honest 8 1/2 Without the analog stick add-on no way this gets a 10.

    Price: $129.00 Honestly i would have placed it at 120.00 for the holiday season. I would have also put together a new bundle with Mario Kart or even both Pokemon games.

    Is it worth the price in the long haul???

    Honestly yes if you want to get out of bad battery life and the gimmicky 3d its a wonderful 3DS Replacement i am glad i purchased mine.

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