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3870 x2 (Which model is best??)

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by phill2000, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. phill2000

    phill2000 Guest

    OK all, waited for the 3870x2 to be released and now I have a selection of 4, yet I don't know which flavour to go with. As I admit graphics cards are not my forte, I would like some advice on which to purchase.

    I have the choice of: -

    Asus Extreme Radeon HD 3870 X2 1GB DDR3 - £273
    Sapphire ATi Radeon HD 3870 X2 1GB DDR3 - £278
    HIS ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 1GB DDR3 - £322
    MSI Radeon HD 3870 X2 1GB OC DDR3 - £342

    Any suggestions?
  2. Waymon3X6

    Waymon3X6 Regular member

    Mar 9, 2006
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    I'd prefer the Sapphire as I believe they are the most reliable. If you could get the HIS - I would but then again it is a good amount ahead of the Sapphire. I think the HIS comes with bonus material and that's why it is a bit more.

    When I was purchasing my 3870s, I wanted HIS but they were out of stock at newegg. I just think they look better because they dont come with the sticker, and I think they come better padded in the box.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2008
  3. phill2000

    phill2000 Guest

    Lol.... Thanks Waymon. I don't tend to build my decision on whether they have nice stickers on them or if they are padded better in the box's, but I appreciate the advice that the Saphire may be better.

    Do you have any info on this? i.e. on-line tests / reviews which compare all 4?

    I see that the MSI version is already over-clocked but again I still would like to know which performs better in real-life not on paper! with £70 between the top and lowest performer I want to ensure I am not paying the extra money for S.F.A!

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