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3DS hacking is coming? Crown3ds flashcard allow you play 3DS games released

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by Dylanbug, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Dylanbug

    Dylanbug Member

    Jun 12, 2013
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    Just found a shot news in the interent, a new flashcard named Crown3ds has been released that it can play 3DS games on your nintendo 3DS,here is the details.

    Crown3DS released!

    After several months' development and testing,we are glad to announce that we have created the world's first real 3DS flashcard--Crown3DS.

    We did the test and confirmed that Crown3DS was running 3DS games successfully on a V2.1.0-4 3DS console(video below). This is a great progress,and now we are trying to dump more 3DS games and do more tests, we will fix all the bugs and make sure it is working stable and compatible with all the 3DS games.

    This YouTube video is showing Crown3DS running the 3DS game--splinter cell3d.3ds, the capability of this game is 512MB.

    Until now,crown3ds can not run all of the 3DS games because of some tech problems, so our next plan is to dump more 3DS games to enhance the Crown3DS game compatibility.

    Crown3DS Team


    And also found more info from here: http://www.digitopz.com/crown3ds-flashcardplaying-3ds-games-on-nintendo-3ds-p-1092.html


    Crown3ds News

    1. Crown3ds team released the video of Crown3ds is running 3DS game splinter cell3d on a V2.1.0-4 3DS.
    2. Crown3ds official site released
    3. We confirmed that we will be one of the official resellers!
    4. This item is still working in progress,the roughly release date will be next month.
    Crown3ds Description

    Crown3ds is a new 3DS flashcard released by crown team. It is the world's first real 3DS flashcard which can run 3DS games on your nintendo 3DS. With crown3ds card, you can hack your 3DS easily and then play 3DS games on your nintendo 3ds.

    Until now, this item is still working progress,the official team is working hard to dump more games and do more tests.

    Video: crown3ds running 3DS games

    Official site: http://www.crown3ds.com/
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  2. gavin8814

    gavin8814 Regular member

    Oct 9, 2006
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    this is great news thx for letting us know just got 1 yesterday there not to bad a console.
  3. GBX_Lee

    GBX_Lee Regular member

    Jul 23, 2010
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    Fake news.

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