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3DS XL What a piece of junk review inside

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by megadunderhead, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. megadunderhead

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    So let me explain what happened to me.

    in December 2011 i purchased the limited edition zelda 3DS and i was happy until june 2012 when nintendo announced hey where going to release a new 3DS XL with better battery life and a larger screen i thought i already have a 3DS and mine works fine no thanks

    august 2012.

    Nintendo decides to allow developers to update there software with the new 3DS xl tools so that there prepared for the new handheld.

    apon releasing the 3DS XL several of my app's stopped working saying on the screen you have to have a 3DS XL to use this update but i have to update the software to keep playing and i can't.

    September 2012

    Mad as hell i went to my local gamestop and asked what gives well older 3ds software titles have to be updated to support the 3ds xl and the update has screwed up peoples 3ds units and you have to go and get it fixed.

    Forget that i am not paying 99.99 to transfer my content when there transfer content is free from console to console and repair cost as well wow

    So i purchased a 3DS XL be fore my trip to the wii u experiance in seattle wa

    Here is my review.

    Cheap thin built like a bad experiment in lego design class

    i get my new unit out of the box and low and behold i have to run the transfer utility to get my data from the #$%^ upped 3DS to the new one and the transfer utility is cool pikmen come donw and take the data on the screen from one device to another and carries it across the screen awesome once finished i just transfer my 3ds's memory card into the new unit and yea it works
    until that is a week later.

    Here is what happened.

    my battery case on one side of the 3ds xl started comming off by unsnapping thats not good you could break your cover so i removed the screws took the cover off and replaced the cover back on the device and it finally clicked into place i noticed a new change in the 3ds xl though a new battery location designed to block people from building there own battery pack which sucks no extended battery i guess then my screen died and to nintendo it went and they sent me a new one this unit only a week old and the screen dies wow nintendo really that cheap.

    So final review.


    Nice size great for big hands nice screen when it works.


    virtual console titles dont do full screen still if you thought black lines where bad on the 3ds top screen before you havent seen jack yet.

    battery cover comes off way to easy.

    new battery stop's third party battery's

    My advice wait until they fix this

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