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4 dvd drives on 1 pc help!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by passking, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. passking

    passking Guest

    ok here is my plan but i need a little help!
    if any1 can help please, thank you!
    here goes.
    i have 2pc's, and plan to set 1 up just for burning dvd's, the dvd's i wana burn are data dvd's
    i have 4 dvd burners set to my 2nd computer!
    all work and burn fine (when 1 use 1 at a time)
    the pc i wana use is windows xp, intel(R) celron CPU 2.OOGHz 2.02GHz. 480MB of RAM
    the dvd.s i wana burn come in 10's and are about 3.5 to 4 gig each.
    so is there anyway i can set the computer up to burn the dvd's two at a time, lets say burn disc 1 and disc 2 ant the same time and soon as they are finished it starts disc 3 and 4 on the other dvd drives?
    then if i take completed disc 1 and 2 out place new dvd's in when 3 and 4 are finished, it starts the first 2 dvd drives burning 5 and 6,
    and so on...... till it gets to dvd 9 and 10. then starts to disc 1 and 2 over again! so on and so on!
    also is this computer any good?
    windows xp, intel(R) celron CPU 2.OOGHz 2.02GHz. 480MB of RAM
    thank you for reading here and look forwared to your help!
  2. zeiram

    zeiram Guest

    you may need to look at some software that can accomodate you like ALCOHOL120%, and you will require more ram as 512 isnt enough for this type of project.Try 1024 and above
  3. IHoe

    IHoe Senior member

    May 21, 2005
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    zeiram is correct about the RAM part.. but I think you want to copy 2 different disks at the same time..... that's a lot for your pc. I think you would be better off copying the same disk twice using 2 of your burners at the same time...... Nero can do this! It has a setting for multiple burners (to burn the same project on 2 or more burners). try that and see! Burning DVDs are very intense with PC resources.... you really should think about successful burns rather than multiple burning! One at a time is best..... if you have a dual core computer or even a hyperthreading computer might do that multiple burning you are looking for. good luck.
  4. bbmayo

    bbmayo Active member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    Hello passking,

    I believe the others have pretty much stated the obvious here. You can do exactly what you are saying, but with your PC specs you will most definatley have some issues. I have copied more than one DVD at a time (2) but I also have a much more powerfull system than you do. In my case I just opened up two different instances of Nero at the same time to do different disks and it worked pretty good. In other words open up your burning program (for me it was Nero) and begin recording your first disk then open up Nero again and begin the second disk and so on. You could give it a try if you have a couple of discs you can afford to lose in case it dosent work. Just make sure you have everything else on your system shut down before you begin. If all 4 drives were SATA I would say you wouldn't have any problems at all, but I doubt they are. You also want to make sure all those drives are set up with the proper DMA settings check here DMA Settings I would say if you can afford to waste a couple of blank DVD's give it a try what have you got to loose?
  5. passking

    passking Guest

    hey thanks guys for your replys !!!!!
    so now what iam going to do is,
    burn using nero
    and only burn the same disc at the same time!
    thanks for your help guys!
    it is important to me that all dvd's i send out work 100%
    so i need working dvd's the same as fast burned dvd's
    i need to burn about 4 or 5 sets of 10 data dvd's a day!
    i get £15 per 10.
    so in no time atall i can get a new computer!
    i was looking at a new laptop the other day it was a alienware area 51 laptop, but that was only 2.00ghz same as the pc now iam using with the same amount of ram?
    but the guy said it was soooooooooo fast! if it is the same spec as my pc, would it not be the same speed?
    my pc ant all that fast?
  6. rbrock

    rbrock Regular member

    Jun 15, 2006
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    You cant get a laptop to run as fast as desktop unless you got a ton of money you want speed build a pc not a laptop you get more bang for you bucks laptop are good to take with you but for power and speed a good ole PC tower is hard to beat
  7. Blackjax

    Blackjax Regular member

    Feb 1, 2007
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    Hey passking the laptop you looked at, if spec'd the same as your desktop, would run the same under normal circumstances. But the people at alienware specialize in ramping up their setups for gaming. For the money you would spend there I would suggest a dual/qaud core CPU with a MB that has at least 2 ide channels and at least 2Gb of ram. Alienware has greeat setups but you pay for their tweaking expertise. Plenty of help on the web for doing that on your own if you have the time and patience.
  8. rdmercer1

    rdmercer1 Active member

    Nov 11, 2004
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    passking the alienware area 51 laptop you are looking at is cool but it is more for gamming thain anything what you realy need to do is get a dualcore system and at least 2gb of high buss speed ram and a faster hard drive at least a 10,000 or a 15,000 rmp hard drive and these things will handel what you want to do, but you are talking about some big change to put out for a system, but time is money and with a system like that you would make your money back verry fast, good luck
  9. passking

    passking Guest

    hey thanks guys ill get back to you when i get a new pc and all the spec's

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