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50% of a DVD5 x2 does not equal 100% of DVD5 ? Why not?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by snk692000, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. snk692000

    snk692000 Member

    Jun 27, 2007
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    Okay this may sound a lot more complicated than it is, but I'll try explain this as simple as I can:

    I have 2 (DVD5) source disks. They are Karaoke DVD's. Each disk has 2 audio streams, ie one "normal" and one minus the vocal track for karaoke purposes. Each disk contains 99 chapters! Each chapter being 1 song/music video.

    (99 Tracks may sound like a lot and even though it's almost 7 hours in duration, the quality is still SUPERB for my needs.)

    What I want to do: I want to make ONE DVD5 disk, containing 50 songs from one DVD and about 40 from the other. This should mean (without ANY compression) the total size of my compiled DVD should be slightly less than 1 DVD5 disk (4.7GB), right?

    2 Main problems:

    - No matter what format I rip the source chapters in, I end up with around 12GB of data (yes, from a 4.7gb source!). I can rip as video_ts etc, but that just gives me huge .VOB's and NOT split into chapter-by-chapter slices so I can pick and choose which songs I want to retain.

    - I cannot retain BOTH audio streams. I need to rip the karaoke track (vocal-less track) as a separate file, and add it as another audio track in the DVD authoring software. A less than ideal situation.


    What software can I use to rip these music vids on a chapter-by-chapter basis WITHOUT re-encoding them. I want to retain whatever compression they're at currently as the quality is perfect.

    How can I rip each chapter and have it hold BOTH audio tracks. (Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum for example will not allow me to select BOTH audio streams for ripping, even if I select VOB as the output format! It's one audio stream or the other. Even though VOB should be able to hold both!)

    How can I recompile all my selected songs onto ONE DVD without re-compressing all the sources?

    I want to have a folder with say 198 .vob (or whatever format is capable of this) files, each one with BOTH audio streams intact so that I can import these into some kind of DVD authoring suite and save as one complete .ISO _without_ re-compressing all the sources.

    They should all fit WITHOUT the need for compression since I'm using less than half the data from each disk to make just one disk.

    I've tried everything I can think of and guides explaining DVD9 to DVD5 techniques are of no help as ALL deal with re-compression as well as only one audio stream.


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  2. bbmayo

    bbmayo Active member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    I'm not sure about this as I have never done this type of disk before, but you could try this method (it should work)

    1. Rip each DVD into it's own folder using DVDFab Decrypter Get it here
    2. Use DVD Shrink - Click on re-Author and then browse to each folder inserting the song you want from each Get DVD Shrink here

    Here is a guide that should help a little it is designed more for episode type disks but the concept is the same. Episodes With DVD Shrink

    This should work for you, good luck

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