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Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by amr12391, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. amr12391

    amr12391 Guest

    Hi, i need help with COD UO, i got 56k
    and i hate it... i need a program that can help my ping...or any tweaks..that work...i will be satisfied with ping below 200 for 98 percent of the time.. i get 300-400 ping now with about 10 ppl in the server.. and under 10 about 200..i want 200 ping or lower with above 10 ppl... PLZ HELP I CAN"T AFFORD ISDN OR BROADBAND
  2. Liez4Love

    Liez4Love Regular member

    Dec 16, 2004
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    How can you not afford it? im not trying to be mean or anything,, but there is DSL and Cable internet isp's that are the same price for dial up. . i only have 56k because where i live there are no providers for higher then 56k, of course there is satelite, but that can only recive kbs and not send them as fast, so you would still not be good for video games online. How ever if the reason you cant get a good price on broad band is because it is hard to get it out there, then your in look, centrino technology is booming, and that should be able to connect lots of people everywhere to the internet all over, and their estimating it to be a decent price, this centrino technogloy (sorry for spelling) has been used in the pentium processors. check it out, they estimate it will be out withen 5 years... and call of duty united offensive is awesome,, i have it to,, my xfire name is liez4love, add me some time,, i have around the same ping as you..
  3. amr12391

    amr12391 Guest

    yes..i understand that u are wonderin why i can't afford dsl or broadand...but my mom syas that she can't afford it...not me....but since..i can't afford it bcuz my mom says that 20 $ amonth is to much..but we have callwave...a service that allows u to see if someones calling when u are on the internet using dial-up...dsl is 20$a month here..broadband or cable 60 $ a month my grandma has dsl but here video card sucks, it won't work here...i need somting to help lower my ping...and u 56k haters out thyere. there is a way to lower ping...u tweak the MTU settings somehow but i don't know what to tweak..or i would be willing to use a program that tweaks the MTU settings for or any other setting that lowers my ping for 56k users.

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