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80 GB PS3+Resitance+Motorstorm+PS3 EYE+Rock 3 Blu-Ray+Rockband

Discussion in 'Sell your stuff' started by H08, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. H08

    H08 Guest

    Hey, Whats Up For Sale Here Is An 80GB PS3 Motorstorm Which are not
    being manufactured by sony any more, Motorstorm the game, PS3 Eye, Three Blu-Ray Movies which are: Devils Rejects, Flight Of The Phoenix, And Full Metal Jacket. You Will Also Be Recieving Resitance Fall Of Man And Rock Band Witch Comes With The Drumset And Mike.

    The UPC Has Been Removed From The Box due to the 5 free movie offer, A copy of the upc Was made so that will be included.

    now after totaling all these things up

    PS3:$500(With Original Box)

    Resitance Fall Of Man:$60(I just purchased this two days ago)

    PS3 Eye:$40

    Rock Band Minus Guitar: $130

    3 Blu-Ray Movies: $58

    That Totals up To: $778!!!

    I'll sell it to you for $630 + 50 for shipping. Prices Vary Outside The U.S
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  2. H08

    H08 Guest

    oh and for the payment method i do accept paypal
  3. H08

    H08 Guest


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