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a band that deserves radio airplay!!

Discussion in 'Feedback to artists' started by meeeeep, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. meeeeep

    meeeeep Guest

    Black Summer Crush is one of those bands who music deserves airplay. The songs that radio plays all of the time are being played out and it they took some time to research about other artist they would have more and in some cases better kind of music to serve to the people. Check out Black Summer Crush's music on their myspace page.
  2. bedshaped

    bedshaped Member

    Oct 26, 2007
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    It's crazy because I was actually at a show and they were there! I love them.. they have this energy vibe about them that just fills the room. It's amazing. My favorite song has to be "I Want More" I think they're going to be heading out to the House of Blues in Anaheim in March.. and I'm thinkin bout heading there too.
  3. meeeeep

    meeeeep Guest

    That is great! I hope that you enjoy the show because I wish I was going. Black Summer Crush are on their way to the top and I they become as successful as any of those other bands out there who are big like Greenday.

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