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A c650 MPT meathod that works for me.

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by Wizardtom, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Wizardtom

    Wizardtom Member

    Feb 20, 2005
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    Everyone with this phone is having problems
    I have been trying every meathod for the c650 under windows XP. Even after hours of tinkering I may get it to work for one use and then it quits.
    I have found a meathod that works for me everytime. C650 users should try this if your having trouble getting MPT to recognize your phone.

    -----SECTION 1---- Install Software and Prepaire Drivers
    1) Install MPT 1.23
    2) Update it with
    http://coma.fsb.hr/motorola/files/mobilePhoneTools_2.16_US - update.exe
    3) Download and extract the P2K drivers

    -----SECTION 2-----
    After all the reboots it may prompt you to start phonetools... DO NOT RUN PHONETOOLS

    1) Connect your phone to your PC. Your computer will try to install a modem driver
    2) One of two things will happen here...
    a) If a menu pops up to install the drivers skip to ----SECTION 3----
    b) If it installs the driver silently (wihtout prompting you) goto "step 3"
    3) Go to your computers hardware listing
    Click start menu, Right click "My Computer", Click Properties
    Select "Hardware" tab, click Device Manager
    4) Find the Modems sections, locate the Motorola USB modem
    5) Right Click the Motorola USB Modem, Select Update Driver

    -----SECTION 3------ Install Drivers
    1) Choose Install from a list or specific location. Next
    2) Choose "Don't Search: I will choose the best driver to install". Next
    3) Browse for the P2K drivers you downloaded. Select p2k.inf, Next
    4) After that installs unplug your phone from its USB cable

    ------SECTION 4------
    1) Run mobile tools- Create a NEW profile
    (you may get an old profile to work but for me each profile works ONE TIME ONLY)
    2) It should then prompt you to select the meathod you will connect your phone, choose USB, click next.
    3) It will then ask you to plug in your phone, do it. It takes about 20 seconds to configure then Voila!

    -----SEction 4------ Uninstall drivers
    Sometime the meathod does not work unless I uninstall the drivers and reboot.
    To be safe I do this every time I'm finished with MPT

    1) When Finished Close MPT all the way. It lingers in memory for a while so
    Hit CTRL+ALT+DElete, go to the processes tab and wait for MPhonetools.exe to disappear completely.
    2) Go back into the Hardware devices, choose your modem, right click and hit Un-install.
    3) Next time you want to run phone tools start at section 2.

    My descriptions are long but the process is very short after your first time.
    It really isn't that big of an inconvenience, especially considering I have 6 Mp3 ringtones I didn't have to pay for!
  2. Nutnut

    Nutnut Guest

    Hi, Much respect to Wizardtom for this marvelous guide, however I couldn´t get it working. Problem:

    During creating a new profile, I get a msg: "We detected your unit but couldn´t identify it" or words to that effect.

    I followed the instructions here to the T, I have tried on 2 machines withthe same result. One with XP (sp1 I think) and the other with W2k SP4 (v.2.0.0.~ 2195)

    I did the upgrade, it said that it was upgrading the files and may take a few minutes. It did, and positioned an icon on the desktop after I UNTICKED the box in the original instal (not that an icon bothers me, it´s just proof that the upgrade has done something.) HOWEVER, after this "upgrading, this might take a few minutes" screen, it just disappeared with no further boxes/screens of info. So after a few more minutes (5 or 10) I rebooted anyway. Other than that, the instructions from Wizardtom were perfectly accurate and the install went swimmingly.

    MOre info: If I then accept that it cannot identify my fone, and I want to choose from its list of Motorola phones, it has tons of phones but the C650 is NOT listed. Furthermore, there is a generic GSM one, that works for my fone BUT NOT for the photos. (This is the purpose of my mission, I want to get the photos off of the phone and onto the PC) THe generic GSM profile only works for Contacts and Calendar, which I have Synchronised and backed up and all works and communicates fine.

    The version of Phone tools currently installed is: "2.16 Nov 19 2003 0131119002767"

    Any help ASAP would be much appreciated.

    Frustratedly yours,
  3. Wizardtom

    Wizardtom Member

    Feb 20, 2005
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    Well I have worked quite extensively with this phone for some time after I wrote that first guide. And I have collected different versions of the P2K drivers from different sources and have found a new meathod that is much simpler. I dont have any place to host the new P2K driver pack though.

    I used a file swapping program to locate MPT 3.07, it has live update built in and is a newer vesion than the 2.xx so requires less upgrades. (Actually for my phone I requred no upgrade). However I have tried my new meathod with the 1.23=>2.16=>liveupdate=>3.19 way about it and works just as well.

    I will be writing a new tutorial for you very soon with the new meathod. I simply dont have time at the moment. Nor do I have a way to host the files - and the forum doesn't allow e-mail addresses so I can't send it to you :-(
  4. gatosf

    gatosf Member

    Apr 1, 2005
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    Hi, Do anyone Know how to Upload Java Games to the Motorola C650?
    I use mobile phone tools 3.11 and it works everytime, and with the same profile.


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