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A diffrent way to handle copyright/IP.

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by ZippyDSM, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Copyright library

    So while musing on IP I thought of this idea again.

    The IP or Copy right(which shall be referred to as IP/CP from now on) library records who owns what during the creation and life of a IP/CP.

    Take the patent (and or trade mark) office and basically add copy right record keeping to it(yes yes I know wait for fees and fines below before you blow up). It’s run by a committee board that first and for most must uphold fair use.
    You have 2 separate types of IP/CP Mechanism (patent) and Media (copy right), Mechanism covers thing’s you can interact with be it a device or part of a device ,code or part of code or a non-obvious multi layered process that does not fit better under Media. Note in order to file under Mechanism you need to submit proof of concept and a functioning implementation of the item you wish to file for.

    Media covers what’s commonly known as copyright such as sheet music, lyrics, persons, places things ,ect IE specific thing’s within video, audio or writing IP/CP items.

    Trademarks are pretty much handled as is.


    IP/CP disputes go to the committee and they pass judgment on the issue which becomes a recommendation that the courts must try and uphold unless there is a fair use argument to be made.


    To pay for this beast its 2 fold, its 10K per IP/CP for business’s that make more than 350K a year, if its not recorded in the IP/CP library it cannot be reasonably protected by law. This is followed by a 1-3% tax on the sale of all IP/CP items(more or less a 1-3% tax on everything).

    All IP/CP enrollment under the 350K a year mark is free (note: all business and or persons connected to a IP/CP are added up, you can’t dupe the system by making multiple business’s for different IPs it all must be under one ownership, unless you have multiple owners of a IP/CP of which ownership percentage is decided on and made legally binding before the item is filed).

    Owners of course have the right to sub out the IP/CP via profit right licenses that time and go back to the IP/CP owner under certain circumstances.


    For business of over 350K its 1 million per IP/CP item per offense, this includes knowingly violating fair use.
    For everyone else its 30% of revenue generated from the violating item(s).
    While not complete the ideal is kinda sound I think.

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