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A Few questions? (Long but if you answer, will solve my problems)

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by Tookrak, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Tookrak

    Tookrak Member

    Jan 10, 2003
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    Hey all

    I have finally come up with the issues i believe are causing a few errors when playing the final VCD in my DVD player and need your help on some possible solutions.

    They are as follows.

    I have read a few different articles on creating S/VCD and one thing that has popped up which i think is a very big concern is the frame rate and the audio rate.

    I have seen some unusual frame rates (i.e 23.984 instead of 23.976) and notice that audio can be higher than 44Khz. It is my understanding that this can cuase an issue when played in a normal DVD player, but still work when played on a computer, due to the fact that the computer can play any file with various frame rates and audio rates where as a dvd player has strict rules that has to be followed exactly?

    Is this true or not?

    My situation is this, all vcd's i create play perfectly on computer but have a slight audio problem when played on DVD player. Audio can be delayed by a few seconds, and video can sometimes not be smooth.

    If it is true, when converting a divx file to an mpeg file made ready for a VCD, does TMPGenc automatically correct all these features or does it have to be done manually?
    I think, it isnt done automatically as if it did there is no reason why my vcd's wouldnt work.

    Now, the next thing, what solutions / software is out there that can help me correct these frame rates and audio rates so i can create S/VCD's that will play on my dvd player.

    The ones i am aware of virutaldub (which will enable me to correct the audio as i understand) and TMPGenc (which i thought i used succesfully to create a usable mpeg file) to encode the video into a frame rate that is compliant with my dvd player.

    So we are left with this,

    Firstly, the frame rate. Will TPMGenc enable me to convert from an unsual frame rate to one that is a recognized standard? Please consider that all files i will be using will be orginally encoding using DivX / XviD.(i.e. fps 23.654 to fps 23.976)

    Secondly, the audio rate. Will virtualdub enable me to convert from one to the other? If not what solutions are out there that will enable me to do such a thing? (i.e convert 48KHz to 44KHz)

    If these both do what i am hoping they do i should be fine, however if not, what software do you suggest i use to do all the conversions.

    Also, what is the best burning software to use. I generally use Nero or CDRWin.

    Thanks to all that answer my questions as i think if i can get answers to all these questions it will enable me to take stock and now where to go and what to do to create VCD's!

    Once again, thanks inadvance for your responses.

    Scott Saunders
  2. ying0yang

    ying0yang Member

    Jan 18, 2003
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    ouf , long question , but if i understand the answer is short.

    yes vcd/svcd have setting that we need to do ,to play it on dvd homeplayer , but not on pc.

    tmpgenc is an ENCODER , so it will set all of these for a perfect vcd.

    but for divx , you need virtualdub frameserver with tmpgenc to encode it ( divx is a compression that tmpgenc can't handle by itself without out of sync audio)

    well that's it , with a good dvd homeplayer there will be no problem; however in cheap dvd , i have saw some freezing frame on tv .

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