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A funny yet interesting self "story"

Discussion in 'Safety valve' started by Pop_Smith, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Pop_Smith

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    Nov 26, 2003
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    ok, this really isn't a story. But, I joined a PTR (paid-to-read) program called "Reflections" and I recently got a e-mail (sent to all 400 or so members) that said "I (daryn) am selling my account! It has 30-40 "downline" members earning you 20-30 dollars a month, as well as a bunch of free ads (banner, e-mails to members etc.) a month.

    "Starting bid is $80 USD, and the account has over a $100 USD value." Also, this was a Silent auction you e-mailed the guy that owned it (he co-owns the company) and told him your bid amount. He later told me that I won! I bid (didn't think I would win) $120 USD. I was suprized this morning when I got an e-mail saying I had won. So, thats my story.


    Pop Smith

    P.S. My luck has changed in a good way! lol, I never win anything and with a $120 bid I surely thought I would be out bid by at least $30. I figured that sense my downline gives me $30/month, 4 months and I will have the account paid off :)
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