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A little help on a install of a 200GB HD & its BIOS.

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by nastynath, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. nastynath

    nastynath Guest

    I recently installed a Western Digital 200GB 8MB Buffer HD to my XBOX. I read that it will not read above 130GB which I have found out. So I need to Flash the Bios right?
    Now where would be the best place to go for bios to flash? Xbox-scene?
    It all works with the 200GB (reading 130GB), I have XBMC installed and loaded one game so far, Now when I flash it I will have to reformat again right?
    Also I currently could only get it to boot off C: Drive, not F: Drive (so I could keep C: Drive as untouched). Will the flashing of the BIOS fix this problem and let me install on the F: Drive?

  2. kakeakeai

    kakeakeai Regular member

    Dec 27, 2004
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    yes that will fix the problem and you can get legal bios that support a g drive here

    it has evtool and 2 bios. just open rom.bin with ev tool and change f uses up to 137bg and g takes the rest.then flash the bios to the chip or tsop.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2005
  3. nastynath

    nastynath Guest

    OK, I have identified that my XBOX is a Version 1.1
    I have read & read & read as much info as possible!

    I have Slayer 2.5 installed with the latest XBMC.
    I have established (I think) that my BIOS is 1MG. When I flashed with my Slayer & Evolution X disc I get the message-
    'Manufacturers ID09 Device ID00 "Flash not writeable"'

    Now the chip I have installed to XBOX is a 'Apple-X Pro' stated on it.

    It does not say anything about supporting a bigger HD :( any suggestions?
    I have a removable 120GB HD in my PC, it looks like a may have to just take that out and install to XBOX and place the new 200GB into my PC instead? As the extra size over 137GB cannot be read in XBOX.

    Help please with any suggestions?

    Though I could install another Chip that will let me do some BIOS upgrades?

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