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A newbie burning XVID successfully for DVP642

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by best9797, May 4, 2005.

  1. best9797

    best9797 Guest

    To be a newbie, below steps may be reduced our time to read and search:

    before solution , let me share how i spent 2 weeks for this XVID file.

    this file was formatted to avi and widescreen (viewed at windows media player)
    . and i don't even know if this is DIVX or XVID.

    Read and search and found:

    1/ WINAVI can convert from AVI to DVD but the resulting output is 4: 3 and give you crippy image. then

    2/ TMPGEnc can convert from AVI to DVD but this gives 11 G file size and 3 1/2 hours movie time.
    i think this may spend you 24 hours for conversion without using your computer.

    then i read and search and found many user saying this DVP-642 is very wide compartibility.
    DIVX certified blah blah,,,,,,

    then i cut a small piece of this avi by easy video splitter.
    and started my DIVX journey.
    the most easy part they say is to burn the AVI by using data recording , not like regular movie software .
    but procedure (using data recording ) is not really true.
    and also cant get the audio file from goldwave / vitualdub_mod .

    the result is for sure unsuccessful.

    then back to the topic.

    first get a avi file.
    use GSPOT to read this file to see if this is XVID or DIVX . (this is the reason why DR.DIVX is not work out to me.)
    try using windows media play to see if this movie/ file is good to burn or not.
    then using NERO to burn to DVD.
    - open nero burning rom , a new compilation windows pop up.
    - click ISO, config is as follow: ISSO 9660 + Joliet / Level 1 / ISO 9660 standard CD-ROM
    - Right top corner , click NEW, a new brower pop up.
    - Left hand side, there is the root directory of your computer, choose your avi file.
    then LEFT CLICK the file and pull it to RIGHT hand side (under the NAME column of RHS)

    Finally, click the icon of BURN THE CURRENT COMPILATION .( icon like burning fire to disc)

    that's it. spend 5 min to burn a XVID / AVI file. got a widescreen movie with sound.
  2. jethbrown

    jethbrown Member

    May 7, 2005
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    Sweet!!!! Works great, this is a answer to many coasters that I have made and a saviour to all the time wasted in converting XVIDs to other formats.

    I have a LG LDA -530, which does DIVx and Xvid's plus normal avi files. Was a waste of time converting them to svcd or vcd just to watch them. This process works perfectly. :)

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