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A Small Microsoft Publisher Guide for Copy, Paste & Resize

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by borhan9, May 14, 2007.

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    May 25, 2005
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    This is a small short guide on how to inset a picture and resize it and paste it in Microsoft Publisher.

    1. First Start Microsoft Publisher and Start a New Blank Page.
    You should get something like the above picture.

    2. Note on the left hand side and on the top you will see rulers as shown in the picture bellow

    3. Also Note to get all the measurements you want on your margins you have to zoom in or out of the page.

    4. Next go up to the Insert menu and click it and then go down to picture and then click from file. You should get something like the picture bellow.
    When inserting the picture you need to go and find the picture you want to insert from the location on your computer where you may have saved it.

    5. Click on the picture so you can see the small circles around the picture and then bring your mouse pointer onto the picture when you can see the pointer change into a pointer facing in all directions.

    6. Now with the circles around the picture and the arrows that head in all directions as your mouse pointer. Left Click and hold and drag the picture to the left margin and underneath the top margin. Something like what you will see bellow

    Once you have moved the picture to the left and top margins now its time to resize the picture to the measurements you want.

    7. Click on the picture so that you can see the white circles around the picture. Then go to the right hand side of the picture and click on the centre circle and drag either to the left or right depending on how wide or narrow you want your picture to be. Something like the picture bellow
    Note that you need to do the same thing for the bottom of the picture using the centre circle of the bottom 3 circles

    8.Once the picture is to the measurements you like then you need to copy the picture. By right clicking on to the picture and clicking paste (left Click on paste)

    The following pictures explain both copy and pasting the picture.

    9. After pasting the picture on a blank part of the document you may need to move it underneath the first picture. Do this just by getting the arrow head to face in all directions and click and drag in underneath the first picture.

    After moving it underneath you will get a picture that should look like the following.
    Now if you want to put the same picture on the same document again remember its a repeat of pasting the picture again and clicking and dragging it underneath the other pictures.

    I hope all that helps. :)
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