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Adding Audio to menus in Dvdlab

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by andhrite, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. andhrite

    andhrite Guest

    I created a menu and linked some video clips to them. I want to add some background music to the main menu. I ripped a song from a CD as .wav file and using benew software i encoded it to .ac3 format. I imported the .ac3 file into assets window, dragged it onto my menu. After compiling the dvd, when i run the dvd in powerDVD, the men is showing up wihtout any sound. It is a still menu that i added.
    Do i need to do some extra settings.

    Did anyone get a similar issue? Can someone please help me.
  2. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    I've little experience with DVD Lab but I know a certain feller who can probably help you. Keep checking this thread :)
  3. fasfrank

    fasfrank Active member

    Oct 15, 2003
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    There was probably no need to do the conversion from .wav to AC3, However both should work OK. DVD Lab will give you a warning if something is not right when you import into the assets bin.

    Here is what I generally do.
    Rip the CD, making sure the sample rate is 48,000Hz. Import the track I want into the assets bin.
    Drag the track from the assets bin into the preview window.
    Whatever program that this type of file normally opens with, will automatically open it and it will begin to play. In my case, Windows Media Player plays my .wav files.
    Once that is done, I just drag the file into the menu, but only after a background is in place. I know the audio track is there because a musical note appears in the menu window.
    The first thing I would check is to see if PowerDVD can play the track by itself, before adding it to the menu.

    The thing is, even though it seems like you are moving things around, adding stuff to bins and inserting things in menus, etc, in reality all you are doing is just installing addresses.

    For example, if, after installing my audio track in my menu, I were to go back and delete the track from "My Music" folder then that track would no longer exist in my DVD-Lab menu. It was never actually there in the first place. It was just a link back to the original file.

    The same thing holds true for all the assets you are working with. Nothing actually moves. You are just building a big address book until the time comes to actually burn a disc or burn to your hard drive.
    DVD-Lab adds a few files of it's own, mainly the navigation structure and menu backgrounds, buttons etc. These image files never move of course, they stay in the folders that were created when you installed the program. It sure seems like they move, but all you are doing when dragging a button into a menu is displaying the selected file on your monitor.

    It is the burn program that actually copies files and creates new ones, modified as dictated by your selections in DVD-Lab.
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  4. andhrite

    andhrite Guest

    Thanks a lot guys for the replies.
    The ac3 files still donot work and i donot know the reason. but wav files are working fine.
    Earlier i didnot set the sampling rate to 48000. After i set that, everything is working fine.
  5. watcher98

    watcher98 Guest

    thanks another frank sweet post

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