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Adobe Premiere 6 and capturing from Hi8

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by woyteg, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. woyteg

    woyteg Guest

    I use adobe premiere 6 for editing my movies and I found very practical to capture them directly from my Hi8 Canon camera using my AverMedia DVD card.
    Everything was fine till the time I decided to make a DVD. So far I was using this stuff only to create the movies for internet. Now, I want to burn a DVD and send it to my parents but...
    When I set the capturing video size for 640x480, Adobe still captures 320x240 (AVI format). My card maximum resolution capture is 720x480.
    Did anybode have similar problem? Is it for some reason impossible to capture AVI's in APremiere in 640x480?
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Well you really Shouldn"t use Adobe Premier for Analogue Video capture as it is More for DV Capture from Camcorders and your Video files will tend to go badly out of sync over long Captures....

    I suggest useing something like "Virtual_VCR" with the "HuffYUV" Codec for Video capture and after captureing you can then use Premier to Edit....
    If you decide to try the HuffYUV Lossless Codec make sure you set your Device setting to capture in RGB24 or RGB32 if your Card supports is because Premier 6 works in RGB Colorspace...

    The HuffYUV Codec is the Best codec for Analogue Video capture Cuz it is Lossless so there is no quality loss from Compression but you will need quite a Bit of Disk space , about 30GB per hour at Full resolution...

    You can find the HuffYUV codec and Virtual_VCR in the Software section of this site or you can do a search on Google and find it easy....

    Also if you are Going to Make a DVD you Shouldn"t capture at 640+480 because the Standard DVD Resolution is 720+480....

    Also try to use the Best quality mpeg2 encoder you can to make the Video files for your DVD because most encoders built into DVD authoring programs aren"t very good...Tmpgenc is good and free for 30 days but it is a Little Slow ,There are also a few Good Mpeg encoder Plugins for Adobe Premier 6 and Premier Pro 7/1.5 like CCE and MainConcept.....

  3. woyteg

    woyteg Guest

    Let me get throw it and I let you know how did it go.
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