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Adobe Premiere Pro: Source Files & Black Screen.

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by Athel, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Athel

    Athel Guest

    Hello, I wonder if anyone with some experience of Adobe Premiere Pro could help me.

    I have two questions:

    (1.) I've been importing avi files into Adobe Premiere, and they work fine. However, I recently tried importing some other .avi files and they just come out completely black when I play my edits in the timeline video. This is confusing for me, because the other .avi files I imported are exactly the same FPS (23.98), resolution (640x480) and codec type (divx or Xvid) as all the other ones I've been using. Any idea how to fix this problem, so it doesn't turn out pitch black when I play it back?

    (2.) I'm trying to make a music video from some very large .avi files (about 170 megs each). To do this, I'm importing these files into the source window in Premiere. The files conform, and then I make my edits, and then they appear in the timeline window.

    The only problem is, this is taking up loads of disk space. Adobe Premiere keeps the whole source file in its converted ".cfa" format. The thing is, I don't need these whole episodes. I only need the two or three second clip I've edited. Is there any way to keep just the bits I need, and exclude everything else, so as to keep diskspace? It's gotten to the point where a 2 or 3 second clip takes up 500 megs.

    (*) Also, is there any way to keep what I've edited so far, if I have to go back and replace the source files?
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  2. Athel

    Athel Guest

    UPDATE: Never mind, I got a reply for my problem in the Adobe Forums:

    DivX and Xvid are not editing formats. Convert the files to DV AVI before trying to edit them, you will save yourself a lot of headaches. There are lots of conversion utilities at www.VideoHelp.com.

    Use the Project Manager to trim your project to just the parts you need, saving lots of disk space. Full instructions are in the PPro Help.

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