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Affordable Capture for everyone

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by eventual, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. eventual

    eventual Guest

    I am going to give the ConverX PX-M402U device a try. From my research it will be the answer to all those people who 'want' to put their VHS collection onto DVD but don't want to invest in applications and hardware.

    Maybe it's not for P3 owners but P4 and AMD users could finally stop trying to capture video with their display cards. The bundled software package should be enough to capture files to MP1,MP2,MP4,DivX at any specified bitrate. Of course most would use the MP2 option. I'd like to hear others suggestions as far as affordable capture systems (sub $150)

    I have alot of people asking for custom configured computer systems from me. Until recently, I've never really offered the video aquisition to them because of the expensive software and often times hardware that are required. But hopefully this will soon change and everyone can get full screen captures that default into MP2 and output to DVD-9.
  2. drchips

    drchips Active member

    Nov 29, 2003
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    You could also consider one of the Hauppage units...

    I personally use a Hauppage PVR-350, and am very pleased with the capture quality and stability ( anyone who knows me on this forum will know that is praise indeed, as my hardware standards are high).

    Alternatives are PVR-250 and the USB2 versions.

    Check out the manufacturers site.

    Have Fun...
  3. eventual

    eventual Guest

    That's looks like a nice little unit ! The bundled software is even more capable than I expected. Their editor will permit the mp2 edits as well. But in contrast, the support for DivX and Mpeg4 are not there. Those being specific to computer codecs anyway, I think the PVR-350 is a great suggestion for alot of forum readers (and those Mom's with the endless home movie collection!)

    I guess the only thing left to be desired of any of them is the Firewire/DV support and an official timeline editor. But that's getting a little on the PRO side for these Mom's anyway.

    From readers suggestions, I'm going to try the;
    PX-M402U encoder
    Adobe Encore 1.5 authoring (for me!)
    PVR-350 encoder

    My hopes are that people like my sister-in-law can start putting all these stills and clips onto a DVD and pass them out on weekend gatherings instead of eMailing us, they take forever to download her messages.

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