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after burn dvd, files cannot be read from the disc?

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by wongtcsg, May 4, 2007.

  1. wongtcsg

    wongtcsg Member

    May 2, 2007
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    My hard disk and dvd drives are set at DMA mode.
    I have burn a verbatim disc at 8x speed.
    i am burning some mkv files, i have cccp.
    the burn was a success, i can see the files in the dvd when i explore from "My Computer".
    But when i try to play the files, it come out a blue screen saying error in reading, verify any disc and press ok or cancel.
    Why my samsung dvd drive can't play the mkv files?
    i can play it in my hard disk.
    Any solution?
  2. tripplite

    tripplite Guest

    ha, you "CAN" burn the files to a disk but dvd files should be BIN or CUE, get DVD flick its free and it will convert and burn your files onto a dvd for you, it's a tad slow, keep in mind if you right click the drive with the dvd on it and choice explore or open you should be able to run the movie file off the dvd, but its no good cause you can't put it on a dvd player
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