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AfterDawn's official Android app in alpha testing

Discussion in 'AfterDawn feedback & suggestions' started by dRD, Nov 9, 2017.

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    In case you want to test it out, we're currently (finally) developing our news-only AfterDawn app for Android. It is simply for those of you who want to read through our news in specific app - and to get push notifications (if you want to) whenever new stuff gets posted.

    It wont include forums nor the guides for the time being (but we're planning to roll out Tapatalk support sometime this winter, once we get our servers updated first).

    In case you're interested, check it out:

    AfterDawn News for Android

    As mentioned, the app is in alpha and get updated almost on daily basis for bug fixes and missing features.

    Currently we are aware of these shortcomings:

    • scrolling the "full article list" is bit jittery as of now
    • most of the stuff in settings don't do anything yet
    • push notifications aren't there yet
    • tags aren't working
    We're aiming to get proper v1.00 out by mid-December. Meanwhile, we welcome all testing and feedback, preferably to this thread.

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