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Am I correct

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by abx, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. abx

    abx Guest

    I'm planning on buying an XBox and installing a mod chip. I have spent hours reading the how to guides and FAQ's. I think I understand the process but just to make sure can someone explain if I'm on the right path. And answer a few questions.

    After installing the Mod Chip (I think most everyone likes Xenium Ice so I will probably buy this one) I need to flash it.

    I think the reason we need to flash the XBox with dashboards is so we can FTP it with another computer and transfer the game files from an XBox to my home computers hard drive. Is this correct?

    I don't understand what a dashboard is but I guess EvolutionX and Avalaunch are the dashboards that need to be flashed to the XBox.

    It appears to me that if I download EvolutionX or Avalaunch and copy one of the programs to a cd and put that cd in the XBox it will "FLASH" the XBox.

    Once Flashed I'll download a FTP Program like FlashFXP to rip the file from the XBox hard drive to my PC hard drive.

    Once I FTP the file on the computer hard drive the rest looks easy.

    I don't understand what a dashboard is but if it is simply a program that allows XBox and windows to communicate then this looks fairly straightforward.

    ANY input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Degallle

    Degallle Regular member

    Oct 21, 2004
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    Yes you are correct it does need to be flashed (make sure you also know how to install, if your not good at soldering I suggest a solderless adaptor as long as you don't have a ver. 1.6 xbox Don't know what it is, plz ask lol)

    Flash with "dashboards" is a big negative lol. A xbox is just like a computer (if you know anything about computers then this is obvious) a computer needs bios to tell it how to boot up right? the xbox is just the same way so you flash your modchip with your "new" bios to allow you to run the "Dashboard" which is just like a desktop for a computer, allows access to .xbe (or in windows it's .exe same thing different format) so you can play your backed up games or applications right off the hdd.

    They don't need to be flashed they need to be transfered over to the xbox via FTP, so what you would do is flash your modchip (luckly the xenium ice has a built in ftp server) and then do the tutorials on how to gain access to your xbox hdd via ftp. Download evox (evolutionx) and then send all the files into the C: drive (I would leave the other files intact or just don't delete anything that is already there, and make sure you copy all the files in the C: to your computer for a backup incase something goes wrong) and then boot up and there you go.

    Negative again, it's not the program it's the bios you can use evox m7 bios (unless you have a ver1.6 xbox plz ask) and then read above to boot up to the dashboard. (You can flash the modchip via cd-rw plz read tutorials on how to do this)

    Yes if you want to or you can just leave the game in there unless you plan on switching games back and forth.

    It can and can't don't under estimate how things can go wrong, and be prepared backup as much as possible.

    Yes it is a program that allows ftp to the xbox for file transfer (What's ftp again lmao) and allows easy access to the rest of the hdd for apps, and games.

    Hope that's something rather than nothing anymore questions can be taken with my seceratary lol (jk).

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  3. abx

    abx Guest

    Degallle: Thank you very much. I will have to absorb all this since a lot of what I thought was correct is incorrect.
  4. abx

    abx Guest

    I think I got it. I hope so anyway's.

    1 Install a mod chip like (Xenium Ice)
    2 flash your mod chip with your "new" bios (evox m7) with a cd-rw
    The new BIOS will allow you to use "Dashboard"
    Dashboard allows access to *.xbe files and allows
    FTP to the XBOX for file transfer
    3.Gain access to your XBOX hdd via FTP(FlashFXP)
    4. Download a dashboard like evox (evolutionx) or Avalaunch and then send
    all the files into the XBOX C: drive via FTP.

    Am I close? I know each step is involved but I need the overall picture before I can work out the details. Is the explination under number 2 above correct? Thanks.
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  5. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    yep you have got the basics...however i would recommend a more current bios the m7 is fairly old, their are some more current bios's to choose from.

    xbox version:(basically any modchip)
    1.0-1.5 use x2_4983
    1.6 use m8_16 or m8plus_16

    x3 chip (the x3 bios is for x3 chips ONLY)
    1.0-1.5 x3_2914
    1.6 x3_2914_16plus
  6. abx

    abx Guest

    I wrote above that dashboard allows access to *.xbe files and allows FTP to the XBOX for file transfer.

    Is a dashboard a program that runs in the background or is it something that I interact with. Is it similar to HD loader or HD advanced for Playstation2 or is it running in the background and simply allows access to *.xbe files and allows FTP to the XBOX? Thanks
  7. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    the bios allows you to boot to a .xbe file and the dashboard allows a ftp connection

    the dashboard is like a menu that you interact with to choose stuff to use that you have on your xbox hd like: apps, games, emulators, etc...
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  8. abx

    abx Guest

    OK Thank you very much. A couple more questions.

    Once I flash the BIOS and install the dashboard via a FTP, I put the original XBOX DVD game in my XBOX tray. I'm guessing the dashboard program will guide me how to save the files to the XBOX hard drive so I can play them in the future. Is this correct?
    If I want to save the game files to a DVD I believe I have to copy these files to my PC via a FTP and use GDFIMAGE to make`a xiso file. Next copy this xiso file to a dvd with DVD Decrypt. Am I close??????

    If I have this correct I guess I'll start looking for a safe place to buy a XBOX and a Xenium Ice mod chip.

    Thanks. This is very interesting.
  9. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    once you have the dashboard installed, you will need to get a hold of some apps...for beginners i recommend a autoinstaller(like slayer's 2.6) this will install the dashboard and a bunch of apps for you, as well as help you setup a larger hd(if you plan on upgrading to a bigger hd)...no need to ftp with a autoinstaller.

    anyways, once you get everything up and running, you can use dvd2xbox, hdd loader, or complex tools to rip the game to your xbox hd...as for burning them, you are correct...you must ftp the game to your pc, create a iso image of the game, then burn...burn at the slowest speed(xbox dvd drives are very picky)
  10. abx

    abx Guest

    once you have the dashboard installed, you will need to get a hold of some app's...for beginners I recommend a auto installer(like slayer's 2.6) this will install the dashboard and a bunch of app's for you

    I'm a little confused. Once I have a dashboard installed why would I use a auto installer to install another dashboard? Do I need more than one dashboard?. I read and finally think I got it and soon find out I'm wrong. I'm guessing this will make much more sense once I buy and download everything and start using everything together. PS2 is much easier. Is there another "How to" guide. The one in this forum is great for someone with a little experience but it's a little difficult for someone with no experience like myself. Thanks
  11. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    i was just recommending a autoinstaller rather than ftping the dash over....got me?

    so instead of using ftp to install the dashboard, use a autoinstaller that can install everything for you, with the touch of a button...you get it now?
  12. abx

    abx Guest

    I Understand. Thanks

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