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Any Hope for HDCP 2.2 Receiver connect to DVI TV Monitor

Discussion in 'Receivers and amplifiers' started by rnsmithad, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Sep 11, 2005
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    I have an older non-HDCP 2.2 Yamaha receiver -- which won't work with my Cable set-top box or my Roku box, because of the HDCP compliance issues (the boxes shut down because the receiver is not HDCP compliant). I am willing to upgrade to a HDCP 2.2 compliant receiver, BUT I am still worried.

    The output from the receiver is connected to a very old Panasonic Plasma DVI TV monitor (no speakers, so I need the receiver). I doubt that the Panasonic TV ever heard of HDCP -- i.e. a 50" TV that I paid a small fortune for at the time over 10 years ago, but I am still happy with it. Will be upgrading to a newer TV soon, but just don't want to do that now (waiting for the 4K shakeout).

    So before I plunk down a few hundred dollars for a HDCP 2.2 receiver, from my understanding that everything in the HDMI chain must be HDCP 2.2 compliant for the source to work, is there any hope that a new receiver will fix my problem and allow my cable set-top box or Roku box to work in this environment (i.e. not shutdown because of compliance issues).

    ron in round rock

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