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Anybody used Philips 5960/37 DVD Player

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by Shardel, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Shardel

    Shardel Guest

    I just bought the Philips 5960/37 DVD Player. Haven't hooked it up
    yet. Got what I consider a good price for an upconverting player,
    $70 at Best Buy. However am waiting for the HDMI cable I ordered
    on the internet. The one at Best Buy was $99. Lots cheaper to get
    one on the internet.
    Would like any input on what to do and not to do when I start using
  2. kg2

    kg2 Member

    Aug 1, 2004
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    i have a dvp5960 hooked up to a 40 inch LCD samsung (model 51D) with a HDMI cable (purchased from tiger direct). i am pleased with the difference it makes. i have the dvd player output set at 720p since that's what my tv display is.

    i am a bit confused about one thing, though. the player's manual is very explicit in that progressive scan is only available through component cable. it makes no mention of HDMI. now, since i have the output set at 720p (only available if you have something superior to composite set up) i assume that the progressive scan is a moot point. but even with the HDMI cable plugged in i can't turn the progressive scan option on. not quite sure what this means.

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