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Aopen DVDROM/CDRW Slow DVD Read Speeds and CD Burning Errors

Discussion in 'DVD-ROM drives' started by FartDude, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. FartDude

    FartDude Guest

    Hey there everyone Im new to this site and i hope to find some help here with my Aopen DVD/CDrw combo drive. Turns out even after updating the firmware the drive still acts pretty much the same as it did before upgrading , i myself am no hardware wiz so any help will very appreciated , the machine model # is
    COM5224/AAH DVDROM CDRW 52x combo. I hear that aopen is one of the best when it comes to Cd and DVD writers but with this experience i can't agree i am now currently using a Lite-on 8x DVDRW and a sony CDRW/DVDROM and i get no probs at all but i would hate to just toss the Aopen and waste $70 anyone who knows anything about these types of situations please reply
  2. cozza1987

    cozza1987 Guest


    In my own opinion, Aopen Combo drive's are just plain crap.

    A mate of me has a Aopen Combo Drive, its has 16x DVD-ROM, but is as slow as reading the DVD's, and the transfer rate jumps up and down like a yo-yo.

    I personally have neva used an Aopen drive in any of my comptuers, i use LG, which i have for years.

  3. FartDude

    FartDude Guest

    Hey man thanx for the info I thought i was the only one who may be havin trouble out those Aopen drives. And i do agree Lg makes really great dvd roms and cdrws right now i use a lite-on dvd+r and sony CRX320E which i just upgraded the firmware and it works better than ever. but as for aopen im never going to buy another one of there products because i also own a Aopen dvd+r which is really slow and poor at reading dvds and burning cd's. And also to any one whom is reading this forum please check out this site a friend of mine has built and if u like it please sign up for the forums he could really use some new members htt://www.digital-wraith.com this is jusr a site to post general discussion and new movies and games or just blow off some steam in the peeved section.

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