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App & Suggestions for Droid Incredible by HTC

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by ps2racer, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. ps2racer

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    Oct 7, 2006
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    Droid Incredible

    I wanted to know if there is any app out there that I can use for my email that will allow me to delete some emails off my phone and leave them on my yahoo account. I had a BB Storm. The email on that phone was downloaded to the phone and saved to the phone. You could either delete the email off the phone or the yahoo account or both. Is there an app that will allow me to do that? Also is there a way to make folders in the gallery. To put pictures in after I take them. Like make a folder named Party Night and put all the photos I took on that night in that one folder. Just some way I can group the pictures I take of an event together and not have them all jumbled together in one folder.

    If anyone has any really good apps that they have discovered please feel free to share and tell a little about them.

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