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Apple iPhone 2007 - amazing stuff

Discussion in 'General mobile discussion' started by vibright, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. vibright

    vibright Guest

    Apple has just annouced iPhone (on market from June 2007) ... it looks so amazing... really admire Apple for their all cool products...
    will save $$$ to buy one, take a look if you like :)
    URL : The Apple iPhone 2007


    URL : The Apple iPhone 2007
    have fun guys :)
  2. bkim

    bkim Member

    Mar 23, 2006
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    the iPhone does look interesting, but i'm not interested in it.
    everyone see the article about Cisco suing Apple over the iPhone because apparently the iPhone is a Cisco trademark.
    i heard there is a sony ericsson phone competing with the iPhone in every aspect.
    check out the W950i and M600i (phone James Bond uses in his latest movie, Casino Royale) by sony ericsson.
    I think those are cool phones too.
    the iPhone doesn't look like a phone to me, maybe that's why i don't like it

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