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Apple x 3 Mod Chip Possible Boot Problem

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by melw, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. melw

    melw Guest

    Fitted an Apple x 3 mod chip to xbox. Then I installed Slayers Evox to HDD. When it boots in Mod Chip Mode (orange X) the Slayer dash comes up fine. when I boot it in X Box live mode it says, "Your'e X Box needs servicing2 Am I missing the point ? I noticed on the Slayer disc there is an option to install a Hdd boot option for the Live retail boot but it says that it may stop the X Box from booting 1 Any clues ?
  2. atrevido3

    atrevido3 Guest

    can i get ur email to find out how u install the appleX 3 chip in ur xbox. for some reason i can't even get the orange. also what the easiest way u manage to do that. thanks.
  3. melw

    melw Guest

    Yeah, contact pete on pete.grogan@ntlworld.com, he'll sort it out for you !!!!!

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