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Arrgh...playback puzzle

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Leigh098, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Leigh098

    Leigh098 Guest

    Newbie comin' back for another shot. Please pardon my frustration. Win98SE, Nero software, Liteonit burner, CD-Rs (not RWs), 4x speed. I've made several audio CDs. The first couple I burned will play in my home stereo (Aiwa, 6-7 years old); subsequent ones will not. They WILL play in my car and in my boombox at work. So we can assume something's wrong with my stereo, correct? ...EXCEPT that when my kids bring over CDs they've burned at their dad's house, or CDs their friends have burned, THOSE PLAY, @#$%it! I've received ONE burned CD from a friend that won't play in my stereo (most he burns for me do play). But most of what I burn can't even be read in my stereo -- the track numbers never show up, and it moves to the next CD. In your esteemed opinions, what's not tracking here -- my software or my stereo? I am, pardon me, BURNED at having finally gotten set up to do this only to find I'm burning stuff I can't play at home except on my tinny-sounding computer speakers. I can't believe I've merely bought a stack of blank CD-Rs that are mostly unreadable on my stereo, either.

    --Not Ripping, Just Ripped
  2. tigre

    tigre Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 18, 2003
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    - Make sure that you choose "Disk at once" and "Close CD" from Nero Options

    - Already done and/or still problems? Some older CD players can't read certain media at all or have problems with certain media/burner/burning speed combinations. If you're patient try other media/burning speed, if not get a new CD player/DVD player (goodie: capable of mp3 CD playback).
  3. Leigh098

    Leigh098 Guest

    Tigre, thanks. I had been thinking I'd have to eventually enter the 21st century and get a DVD player (with goodies); I'll just shop armed with one o' my homemade CDs to make sure it plays. I have been using Disc At Once, but thanks for the hint about "Close CD" -- I haven't found that option yet, don't think. Nero is not that easy to understand; I still can't figure out something as simple as naming tracks. You'd think that'd be pretty simple, or at least covered in the documentation. But that's a question for another thread. Thanks again!

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