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Aspi 4.71a2 not installing properly

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Specialt, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. Specialt

    Specialt Guest

    i currently have 4.60 currently installed but when i try to install the new aspi it only installs to the winaspi32.dll and to the aspi32.sys but not to the winaspi.dll and the wowpost.exe i ran the aspi installation verification exe and that informed me that the aspi was not installed propperly. when to start run
    C:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP32

    can anyone help????
  2. Jeanc1

    Jeanc1 Guest

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  3. Aysedasi

    Aysedasi Guest

    I got the same Specialt but you're OK

    I. Operating System ASPI Files Installed
    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 wnaspi32.dll, aspi32.sys
    winaspi.dll, wowpost.exe

    Microsoft Windows 2000 wnaspi32.dll, aspi32.sys
    winaspi.dll, wowpost.exe

    Microsoft Windows 98 wnaspi32.dll, apix.vxd

    Microsoft Windows Me wnaspi32.dll, apix.vxd

    Microsoft Windows XP wnaspi32.dll, aspi32.sys

    II. Changes Between v 4.60 and v 4.71
    1) It is important the following pairs of files have matching version numbers:
    (you may not have all of these files; which files you have in your PC depends
    on which Windows platform is in your PC)

    a) wnaspi32.dll and aspi32.sys
    b) wnaspi32.dll and apix.vxd
    c) winaspi.dll and wowpost.exe

    It is not important, for example, for wnaspi32.dll to have matching version
    number with winaspi.dll. Disregard any such error message from aspichk.exe.
    Also disregard any error message from aspichk.exe regarding files not present.

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