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Audio and Video out of sink

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by TheElf310, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. TheElf310

    TheElf310 Guest

    Well, now that I have burned a bunch of movies (grin), I have found that only a few of them have a problem with the video and audio being out of sink. It only happens at the tale end of the movies too. Taledaga Nights is one and Final Approach is the another. Rogue did it too, but I red/led it and reburned it and the second copy is fine.
    I am having that stuttering problem too, but again only with a few movies. I figured on the Disney movies, it was that someone didn't rip them right and sisnt use the right codex to put them back together.
    I know the stuttering can't be from the player being dirty because my player is brand new.
    And thanks to other advice on here, I only use Verbatum dvd's.
    Could the movies being out of sink be caused by the burner program? I used my Sonic the first time on Final Approach and my WinAvi the second time. Final Approach is a 4 hour made for tv movie that I converted to one movie. Could it be too long for one disk and that is what is throwing it off sink?
    Thanks for any ideas. You guys are GREAT!!!!!!

    The Elf
  2. res2cue

    res2cue Guest

    for the audio out of sync problem, did you check to make sure it was fine on the original file?
  3. TheElf310

    TheElf310 Guest

    Yes I did check Res2cue, but not the entire movie. On Final Approach, it only happens right near the end of the movie. Then the picture goes all pixel looking and the sound goes out of sink.

    I even tried burning that one the second time with my WinAvi instead of the Sonic.

  4. 1bonehead

    1bonehead Guest

    Try burning with Imgburn, free from

  5. TheElf310

    TheElf310 Guest

    Thanks 1bonehead, I'll try that one. I had it downloaded, but never installed it.

  6. 1bonehead

    1bonehead Guest

    Elf my friend, you are welcome
  7. sKrEwZ

    sKrEwZ Guest

    I'm sure you'll find Imgburn to be quite the wonderful program. I don't use anything else.
  8. 1bonehead

    1bonehead Guest

    Tis a positive statement about Imgburn's prowess

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