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audio and vidio together

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by bigbobw, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. bigbobw

    bigbobw Guest

    I am sorry if this question has been asked before, but I could not find it anywhere. How do you put audio and video into one file?Each program I used has extracted them into separted files.
  2. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    AVI Instructions
    1. Open up VirtualDub and open up the video component
    2. Audio --> WAV Audio. Select the audio component
    3. I presume the audio component is not compressed (i.e., it is a massive wav file, if not ignor #3). Audio Full --> Processing Mode, Audio --> Compression --> Pick a codec (i.e., mp3)
    4. If the video isnt' already compressed, Video --> Compression --> Select Codec (i.e., XVid/DivX) --> Set a bitrate (using any of the widely available bitrate calculators). Goto step 6
    5. If the video is already compressed, Video --> Direct Stream copy
    6. File --> Save as AVI --> Give it a name

    MPG Instructions
    1. Fire up TMPGEnc
    2. Fille --> MPEG Tools
    3. Simple Multiplex
    4. Select the video and audio components (order doesnt matter)
    5. Run!

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