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Audio issue I need help with

Discussion in 'Audio' started by bicuspid, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. bicuspid

    bicuspid Guest

    I have an old SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum sound card. Earlier today I was going to capture some streaming Real audio using my creative recorder. Up to this point, my audio was working fine. I set the recorder to record "What you hear", in other words, all sound going through speakers. I hit record and pressed play on the Real player and got nothing. I tried Winamp after that (just playing an MP3) and no sound. I tried video; you get the picture. So, I figured an issue with my sound card or speakers. I run all the diagnostics on the sound card, nothing. Device manager says it is working fine. Nothing seems burned out on the card itself, all connections are tight. So, I hook up my headphones to see if it is the speakers. No sound. Now, I figure it has to be the sound card. I shutdown, enabled the on-board sound through BIOS, hook up my headphones to that jack, no sound. At this point I am at a loss. Anyone have any suggestions aside from formatting and reinstalling to see if it is simply a conflict of programs? Ohh, also, I just installed Real before this happened, I uninstalled it, restarted, nothing again.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help!
  2. EsirnuS

    EsirnuS Guest

    Dude, dont mean to patronise but have you checked the windows volume control (start/all programs/accessories/entertainment) to ensure nothing is muted ?

    After that i suggest a system restore to before the date the problem occurred.


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