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audio not synchroon

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by mvdberg, May 1, 2003.

  1. mvdberg

    mvdberg Member

    May 1, 2003
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    i downloaded some movie in avi format.
    i read some topics on how to convert them to vob files.
    when i use ulead dvd movie factory after all the progres the audio is not synchronised.
    i finded out first to use virtualdub.
    but virtual dub doesn`t synchronise it either.
    hope that some one can help me
  2. MoparFan

    MoparFan Guest

    I don't know about movie factory, but ulead video studio has an audio sync option where you set the delay time. Sometimes I have to tweek this to make some AVIs come out right.

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