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Audio Output problems

Discussion in 'Audio' started by thatme82, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. thatme82

    thatme82 Guest

    Hi, i convert some video from my tapes to the pc. But as it turn out, the audio is only on the left output and the right output is empty. How do i go about to copy the left output audio track to the right output? What programs enable me to do this? Does adobe premiere do this? And how?
  2. djscoop

    djscoop Active member

    Feb 6, 2003
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    yes, you can easily do this in premiere. I don't know what version you have, but with Premiere Pro 1.0 this is how you do it:

    Click on the clip in the timeline
    Click on the effect control tab in the monitor window
    Now click on the effects tab in the Project windows
    Select the "fill Right" effect under the Stereo folder
    Drag that effect over to the audio effects portion of the monitor window.

    You right channel should now be mirrored with the left.

    If you have an older version of premiere, I'm sure you can do it, but the steps will be different, as Pro has a much different interface than earlier versions.

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