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Audio & Video sync problems

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by dtech, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. dtech

    dtech Member

    Oct 3, 2004
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    I'm very new to the VHS to DVD conversion process and I just created my first DVD and plays great in my PC DVD rom and my sony dvd player - however, the audio and video slowly starts to drift apart until it's about a second apart towards the middle of the dvd. By the end of the dvd, it's about a whole second out of sync. I used Arcsoft Showbiz to capture and convert my VHS movie to an mpeg2 file, then used DVDlab to split the audio and video for conversion to DVD video files (vob. bup. and ifo. files). I'm not sure why it happened - did I miss a step before compiling to dvd in DVDlab? I'm not familiar with what I need to do to fix this problem so if anyone who knows what I might have done wrong please help me. Thanks in advance!
  2. Frankwm

    Frankwm Member

    Sep 20, 2004
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    I have exactly the same problem.

    The captured mpeg2 is perfectly in sync when viewed on my PC, but after authoring with DVD-lab and/or TMPGEnc DVD Author, the A/V are out of sync in the Video_TS files.

    There is a "fix" using ShowBiz, but it seems to compress the captured mpeg2 down to a maximum bitrate of 6800 kbps, even though the original captured mpeg2 was 8000 kbps. My concern is that I am losing video quality with ShowBiz reducing the bitrate from 8000 kbps to 6800 kbps.

    Here is the "fix" I mentioned:
    Launch ShowBiz.
    Add the mpeg2 to a new album.
    Drag the mpeg2 to the storyboard/timeline.
    Click on the "Make Movie" button(Upper left of screen, middle button of 5), save or don't save project, your choice.
    You will then get a "Save" pop-up window. Choose a File Name & a File Save Location. Click on "Format". A drop-down box will give you choices. Select "DVD File" as your choice.
    Click on "Settings"(just to the right of the "Format" button). In the "Settings" window, move the "Quality" slider all the way to the right(100, best quality). Click on "Save". The "Settings" window will close. Click on "OK" in the "Save" window.
    ShowBiz will now convert the input mpeg2 to another mpeg2 with bitrate of 6800 kbps. It takes approx. 90 minutes to convert a 1 hour movie.

    Use this new mpeg2 to author your movie. Personally, I'm not particularly impressed with DVD-lab for authoring. Try using TMPGEnc DVD Author or WinDVD Creator (both available in free trial, full function versions). I get perfect results using the "reconverted" mpeg2, i.e. no A/V sync problem.

    As I mentioned above, my only concern using this method is loss of video quality, since the output mpeg2 file is considerably smaller than the original input mpeg2 file.

    If anyone has a solution that doesn't require compressing the original mpeg2, I'd like some feedback, please.

    P.S.: I've tried demuxing, it doesn't fix the problem Same with PVAStrumento. Just makes it worse.

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