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Automatic conversion of audio files and metadata writing

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Changix, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Changix

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    Jun 8, 2009
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    I have tried to look for a software that could automatically convert WAV files to MP3 files and also add metadata for the MP3 files.

    So far, I have only found software called Audio Conversion Engine which does the conversion automatically but adding metadata is not so flexible. This software is watching a folder and when I drop audio files there, it converts them automatically by the rules (bitrate, frequency etc.) I have set. Adding metadata is not so good. First of all, I cant get it working at all but I guess thats just my fault :) Adding metadata is done by some DSP effects. I cant find a way to add numbering for the tracks or way to rename the converted MP3 files. There is also no option to add XML file for the metadata so I have to write manually all the metadata before conversion.

    Popular Mp3tag is good for editing MP3 metadata and when using scripts, it can be automated quite well but not fully. This software also doesnt have option to import XML file which contains all the metadata which means I would have to write metadata manually.

    My goal is that I could just put my WAV files into a folder and MP3 files would come out in a different folder by the rules I have set in the software. Metadata would be added through XML file during the conversion or after it. Is there any software out there already to do this or how could I build this kind of workflow? Any suggestions? I would give direct links for the softwares I mentioned but this forum doesn't allow me to do that so you just need to google them yourself :)
  2. Mez

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    Aug 12, 2005
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    I use dbPowerAmp for all my conversions because I think it does the best job. Some metadata should not be transfered such as bitrate. You want the new bit rate not 1450. Why do you want the metadata in an xml file? If you have a powerful urge to do so you can load your tunes into Media Monkey. That will put the tag info (metadata) into a database. From there you can see if someone wrote a script to export the database to xml. MM alows an execution of a VB script that can access the database. The have a forum for MM developers that build all sorts of scripts. Some very sophisticated. xml is a fly weight to MM's SQL database. If you want to load it into a different database there may be easier ways. MM is a great audio manager. You can check the top sticky for a link for MM through Cnet. You can still get a free copy there.

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