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AVI compression for storage

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by Kyandi, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Kyandi

    Kyandi Guest

    I've recently aquired a new cd burner and I have all of these avi files that I would like to put onto cd to free up some hard drive space. My only problem is.. these avi files are HUGE, roughly 177,800 KB each. That makes them a little hard to burn, assuming I can only fit about four files to a cd.

    I was wondering if there was a way I could compress these files so that I could fit more onto a single cd. I've heard that you can shrink these files by using mpeg converters and the like, but everytime I try this solution, the file actually gets bigger.. I'm pretty new to all of this so any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. rebootjim

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    May 13, 2004
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    Read your other thread, and please don't cross post.

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