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avi files out of sync and slow

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by maddog20, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. maddog20

    maddog20 Guest

    until recently,i never had any problems playing back avi files or divx.i use the k-lite full codec pack.but recently,on several of my avi videos the movement in the video is very slow while the music plays normally,so everythings way out of sync and at times the video barely moves at all.i dont know what suddenly caused this problem,anyone know whats wrong and how to correct it?thanks
  2. maddog20

    maddog20 Guest

    i still desparetly need help with this audio/video problem,an now theres a new wrinkle to the problem.the colors have become very distorted,kind of a "psychadelic" look,green,red colors,making it unwatchabble.and i still have the problems with avi videos moving very slow and out of sync with audio.please,someone help,thanks
  3. punker

    punker Guest

    im still having this problem,and its getting worse.the divx/avi files are getting worse with the colors and weird shapes during playback,and the videos still stay way behind the audio on these files.another way perhps to explain what i mean bythe weird shapes and colors is that those of you who have satellite tv.you know how the screen will freeze and breifly get strange colors and shapes?well,this,though not exactly like that,is pretty close to looking the same way.any help would be aprreciated,thanks

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