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Avi to Mpeg. Stops in the middle of encoding

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by saucysan, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    I'm using TMPGE to convert a movie from Avi to Mpeg and it gets about half way through it and stops. When watching the movie through RealPlayer it stops at this point as well and I have to restart the movie slightly after this point. I have also used Studio DV to convert to Mpeg and it also stops at this point. Is there something I can do to enable the encoding to continue past this "jitter" or would I have to encode up to that point, encode after that point and join the two files? I hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.

    OR is there a better program I can buy (flog off kazza) that can look past these jitters.

  2. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    So I read around a bit more and downloaded AVIFixed and DVFix and it seems to have removed the offending files (as the size of the new file has decreased slightly) however, now I can't play the original file or the DVFixed files. I had this problem previously and download Dvx311, Dvx503, DvxPro503, Nimo and Xvid (stuffed if I know which one fixed the original problem) if I go and install them all now it still doesn't work. Can someone help me? I know I am an annoying amatuer but any assistance would be appeciated.
  3. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    Don't worry all fixed and beautiful. I'm feeling quite brilliant, LMAO!
  4. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    There I was thinking I was the "ants pants" but TRMPGE is now closing down at the same point with a generated error. No brilliance here. Please help. It's a fantasic version of a great movie, I want to burn the M$&%^%^
  5. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    Okay, I'm still fiddling. I was able to run the movie through Virtualdub and convert the file to Mpeg, however it cut out the end of the movie. The movie only goes for 50min and the file size is 700meg approx. Please help? You can also catch me on MSN saucysandy2749 or Yahoo saucysandy22749
  6. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    I fixed it! Virtualdub kept crashing at a certain scene so I removed a section using VDub and it now encodes as Mpeg. Isn't it amazing what you can work out by just talking to yourself on a forum.
  7. Taurolyon

    Taurolyon Guest

    wow.. that was easy...

    Definate bug in the first encoding of the file, or the codec used in encoding the file... but as long as you got it fixed, everything should be ok...

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  8. loaded

    loaded Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2002
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    Nice to see you sorted out the problem. often downloaded movies are broken up and corrupted, this is inevitable considering the environment in which they are shared. There are quick software tools, like Divfix and avifix, which can do the job as well in many cases, without the need to use Vdub to manually cut out the crap.

  9. saucysan

    saucysan Guest

    I actually tried both of those fixes and they didn't work. I think the scene was pretty stuffed as it kept crashing VDub as well. But in future I'll try those 2 fix programs first

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