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Avi to vcd - no sound?

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by ps76, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. ps76

    ps76 Member

    Jun 1, 2003
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    Hello - my first try at downloading a music video - works fine in windows media player, both video and sound.
    It is an avi file, roughly 600 mb - but when I try to convert it to mpeg, in order to burn it on a vcd, the sound will not follow. I use tmpcEnc, but only the video source is being filled out when I browse and enter the file in the setup. If I force the file down to "audio source", it says that the file "cannot open or unsupported"..?? I can see by checking properties, that the audio format is "windows media Audio V2"...if that tells You anything?
    How do I fix this, so that I can burn the complete thing?
    THanks from a newbie...
  2. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    Open the avi in virtualdub and do the following.

    1. click video - direct stream copy
    2. click audio - full processing mode
    3. click audio - compression, select no compression pcm and click ok
    4. click file - save avi

    The avi you save may be a lot bigger but the TMPGEnc should have no problem with the audio!!

    If the file has ac3 sound just say so and ill tell you what to do in that situation!

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