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AVI (XVID) DVD, problems with AC3

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by sneaky, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. sneaky

    sneaky Guest

    This is a simular post as the one 2 posts below but I have written the proces more clearly ( I hope :) ).

    I have problems with the AC3 sound sometimes(!).
    1)check pal/ntsc of source with avicodec (according to guide on this site)
    2) merge avi files with virtualdub (according to guide on this site).
    3) demux .ac3 (if available) with virtualdubmod (according to guid on this site)
    4) convert avi to .m2v file with cucusoft's AVI to DVD software. result: excellent .m2v file. (To avoid framesynch problems I keep the .m2v in the same video system as the source)
    5) convert .srt subtitle file to .sup
    6) author DVD with ifoedit 0.95, using: .m2v file, .ac3file and .sup file.
    7) change ifo files with correct 16:9 settings and audio settings (ac3, 6 channel).
    8) burn the dvd using Nero.

    This process works most of the time but Now I am busy with "the last samurai (NTSC)" and the audio after authoring with ifo edit doesn't show up when reopening the ifo's. The result is offcourse .. no audio. What am I doing wrong, the ac3 file is playable with mediaplayer and has the exact lenght of the playable .m2v videofile.

    Help me obione kenobi
  2. sneaky

    sneaky Guest

    X-burner brought the sollution!! ... bulls Eye!!

    Hi m8!!!
    After 5 days! i have finally found the solution to this problem....
    It seems that if there is so much as just a tiny 'blip' or error in any .AC3 sound no DVD authoring tool will accept it... After 5 long days of hunting a half descent solution i have finally stubled upon a much needed solution...Use a program called "BeSliced 2.0", when you start the program a small pic of an old guys head will pop-up...drag the .AC3 file to the pic and click "fix"...the program will then fix the .AC3 file creating an error log along the way...This seems to be quite a common problem with .rar file movies.
    Hope this helps you sneaky and any other people who have been searching for this answer.

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